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  All Souls' Preceptory and Priory No. 31

Warrant dated 26th March 1847. Meets at Weymouth Masonic Hall, 2 School Street, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 8NH on the third Friday in March (Installation). May (Malta), September and November.

Parking:Commercial Road and Park Street Pay & display


All Souls' is the oldest Preceptory in continuous existence in the Province, the first Royal Durnovarian Encampment having ceased to work in 1839.

William Tucker, appointed Provincial Grand Commander for Dorset in April 1846, found himself in the unfortunate position of commanding a Province with no Encampments. Within a year, with the aid of two other former members of Royal Durnovarian and three who were members of Holy Cross Encampment, previously founded by him in Axminster, Devon, he founded All Souls' Encampment and became its first Eminent Commander. The date of the Consecration meeting is uncertain because the first Minute Book is lost and the form of Templar ceremony worked in the first few years is unknown, but is thought to be similar to that promulgated by Grand Conclave in 1851.

A carved screen with miniature shields bearing the arms of 28 of the 29 Founders and early members was erected in the Temple at Weymouth in 1848 and may still be seen today, complemented by larger replicas of many of the shields, which decorate the Temple and dining room. Some of the early shields still bear the names and dates of their owners' Installation as Commander and, often, into the Rose Croix chair on the same evening.

This old banner shows the red rose and collar jewel of the 18° Rose Croix, possibly because William Tucker was made a member of 33° in 1846 and possibly because the degree was worked within the Commandery until the founding of All Souls' Chapter Rose Croix in 1852. The small shield in the upper left quadrant is the flag and motto of London. Domine Dirige Nos (Lord direct us) and that on the right the arms of the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers, motto 'Arts andTrades United'. The crest and arms below are not those of Tucker of Coryton Park but may be his arms as a member of Supreme Council.

The approved ceremony for the Order of Malta was published in 1866 and All Souls' Priory was subsequently opened in 1870 by Charles Vigne, the then Provincial Grand Commander, assisted by three members of All Souls' and one of Antiquity Priory at Bath. In 1872 nine Past Commanders of All Souls' and two of Hyde Encampment were Installed there as Priors 'for the purpose of taking Past Rank'.

The Muster Roll of the Encampment, instituted before 1862. bears the names of all candidates and joining members from 1851 to 1985. This Parchment scroll, bearing at its head the Declaration of Allegiance, bears over 300 names. For twenty years All Souls' remained the only Encampment (as Preceptories were known before 1872), in the Province and the annual Provincial Conclaves, mandatory after 1857, were probably held within their meetings.