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Royal Durnovarian Preceptory No. 615

Warrant dated 6th  February 1999. Meets at Freemasons Hall Crane Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 2QD on the Saturday morning after the fourth Friday in February (Installation) and November.

Parking: Crane Street Pay & display or Park & Ride


Consecrated at the Masonic Hall, Westbury, Wiltshire by the Provincial Prior, Maurice Percival Palfrey on 6th February 1999

Menbership is restricted to past and present members of the Provincial Prior's Bodyguard, with provision in the By-Laws for the election of 'Knights of Distinction'. Salisbury is the nearest convenient point to the geographic centre of the Province and the Preceptor, who must be a Past Preceptor, is elected alternately from the two counties which comprise the Province.

The name dates back to the earliest days of Templar masonry in this Province, the short lived Durnovarian Encampment working in Dorchester in the 1790's and Royal Durnovarian Encampment, also in Dorchester, from 1836 to 1840, whose Warrant was issued on his own authority by the Duke of Sussex in 1836, when he erected the Templar Province of Dorset.

The banner shows the Mantle Badge of the Provincial Bodyguard framed by six bees to represent the six other Preceptories, at the time of Founding, from which the Bodyguard were drawn and also reminding the Bodyguard members to be as 'busy as bees'.

The twenty Founders, perhaps predictably, came from every Preceptory in the Province.